Welcome to Sankhala Parivar Website

The Object and motive behind launching this site is to provide a forum to all Deval Gothriya Sankhala Parivar, Take their suggestions, Take note of their grievance so far as possible and help them with the Net work of Deval Gothriya Sankhala Parivar at right place, Promote the Deval Gothriya Sankhala Parivar hood among all especially the Urban net savvy youngster.

To strengthen the age old Bond among us and help each in all aspect of life , teaching the Kutch Kadva patidar values, and cultivate the basic thought among each us our duty towards our parivar hood, To make us the pride that we are Kutch Kadva Patidar Deval Gothriya Sankhala Parivar.

Our Moto is " Help Deval Gothriya Sankhala Parivar without expecting any thing in return , Ask for help from fellow Deval Gothriya Sankhala Parivar as a matter of right "

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